BBQ & Bands Fest This Saturday

13124536_979550502142899_1721783598580475778_nRosalini’s Pizza & Subs invites you to come on out to enjoy Rolesville’s 7th Annual Hot Pickin’ Finger Lickin’ BBQ and Bands Fest this Saturday, September 17, 2016 on Rogers Road and Main Street.

We’ll be open for business, so pop in and grab a couple of hot, cheese slices and cold drinks to-go, that’s just $4.99 on our every day lunch menu.  Then, step outside to enjoy the live bands, vendors, and children’s games. Or order up a whole pie (only $10.95 for a large, cheese pizza), calzone, stromboli or 12″ sub and take advantage of our outdoor seating.


Don’t forget that Rosalini’s has your ticket to gluten-freedom if you or someone in your party is avoiding gluten. We make (to order) the BEST gluten-free pizza around in small, medium and large. We also offer gluten-free pastas and sub rolls. Additional charges apply on GF products.

gluten free sub rolls

Rosalini’s will be open as usual from 11am until 9pm. And we’ll still be delivering, as always, to everyone within a 10 mile radius.

The BBQ and Bands Fest will take place from 11am – 6pm with a great line-up of live music scheduled throughout the day.

11-11:45 – Southern Grace Rocks
12:15-1:00 – Joe Keith and Friends
1:30-2:30 – 9 Xs Around
3:15-4:15 – The Country Justice, our Headliner Band
4:30- 5:45 – The Country Justice, our Headliner Band

The Rolesville BBQ and Bands Fest promises to have fun for the entire family. In addition to music and games for the kids, Durham Bulls’ own WOOL E BULL will be making a grand appearance from 1:30 to 2:15. So, be sure not to miss out on the chance to  rub elbows will Wool E Bull!

Top the day off with Rosalini’s new dessert pizza. You’ll have to ask for it because it’s not on the menu, but Chef Greg will be happy to whip you up our exclusive dessert pie.

Whether you come in or call in (for delivery), we here at Rosalini’s Pizza & Subs strive to serve you like you’re family!


Gluten-Free Sub Rolls Now Available

Chef Greg has been on a mission for Rosalini’s Pizza and Subs. After finding the perfect recipe for gluten-free pizza crust, he’s been searching high and low for a delicious, fluffy, gluten-free sub roll.
gluten free sub rolls
His first attempt at creating a GF option to our famous, scratch-made, sub rolls turned out yummy, but unfortunately it lacked the height and airy texture Chef was hoping for. It didn’t meet his high standards, so he went back to the drawing board.
Now all of Chef Greg’s diligent searching has paid off; he’s found a gluten-free roll* that is both delectable and worthy of carrying the Rosalini’s name.

Chef Greg understands the importance of providing our customers with options. Those with dietary limitations are too often either restricted from dining-out or get only a few menu items to choose between. Here at Rosalini’s, we want to do better.
Rosalini’s Pizza & Subs is truly your place for Gluten-Freedom**. From pizza to pasta to salad to dessert and now to subs, if you’re avoiding gluten, we’ve got you covered.
Just read what our customers are saying:
Rosalini’s has been my dream come true for gluten free options. The owner has successfully made some incredible pizza dough, the best texture and flavor I have had since becoming gluten free. The toppings are always fresh and delicious! Thank you for your service Rosalini’s staff- you all rock! – Anna T (facebook reviewer)

*Additionally charges apply to all gluten-free menu items

**We take every measure to keep our gluten-free products as separate as possible. However, GF items are prepared/cooked in the same area as other gluten containing foods; therefore, the possibility exists for cross-contamination.

Rosalini’s BIG Announcement

The old saying goes, “you can never have too much of a good thing.”

At Rosalini’s Pizza and Subs, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we are introducing something BIG!!Cheese Pizza deal

Since so many of our customers can’t get enough of “The Best Pizza in Wake County”, we’re introducing our EXTRA LARGE Pizza!!

Rosalini’s offers a 10”(small), 12” (medium), 16” (large) and now an 18” Extra Large pizza.

Get it any way you want (regular or thin crust), top it just the way you like it or order up any one of our specialty pizzas (except Chicago style- sorry we can’t offer that in extra large yet) in Extra Large.

Rosalini’s Has Your Ticket to Gluten Free-dom!

Are you eating a gluten free diet?

Are you a celiac sufferer?

How often do you go out to eat only to discover you only have 2 or 3 items to choose between?

Or do you avoid going out to eat altogether?

Well, we’ve got good news for you!

Rosalini’s Pizza and Subs has your ticket to Gluten Free-dom!

In addition to having the Best Pizza in Wake County, Rosalini’s also has the BEST Gluten Free Pizza around. It’s not that piece of cardboard with bad sauce and rubbery cheese that other restaurants are trying to pass off on you. And we don’t limit you to a single size pie.gluten free pizza

We make each GF pizza to order in any size. Each GF pie crust is made fresh just for you at the time you place your order. Then, we top it off with our delicious, pizza sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese.


here’s what Rosalini’s customers are saying:

“Just tried Rosalini’s, in Rolesville, gluten free pizza. It was fabulous! Also noticed gloves changed multiple times while Preparing and cooking it and I had ordered on line so they didn’t know it was my pie. “- GF FB user

I am eating your gluten free Combo pizza right now, and I love you. This isn’t a crunchy thin crusty pizza, like most other pizza places do. This is a hand tossed crust, and it’s freshly made. I can tell from the taste and texture. I can see and taste that your ingredients are fresh too, and the over all pizza makes me really excited. I haven’t had a hand tossed pizza in so long! And it’s even cheaper than nearby pizza places that offer gluten free crust. Thank you! “- JC, google user


Because Rosalini’s wants to make dining-out a pleasure for everyone, we continue to EXPAND our GF options. We just added GF LASAGNA and MANICOTTI to our menu as well as a flour-less chocolate torte (because we believe you deserve dessert, too).

flourless chocolate torte

They said it couldn’t be done (well), but we found a way to make delicious GF food.


“I had their GF lasagna last night (and the rest for lunch today!). It was fantastic!! “- GF FB user

“Just left there, and the gf lasagna was awesome! Will def be going back!! “-GF Fb user


Add our new lasagna and manicotti to our already delicious GF pasta dishes, like spaghetti with meat sauce (or Italian sausage) and baked penne, and you’ll have to work hard to decide between what you WANT to eat (instead of eating what you’re STUCK with).

Stop settling for second-rate,

Rosalini’s Pizza and Subs has your ticket to Gluten Free-dom!

The Fine Print: Additionally charges apply to all gluten-free menu items. Every precaution is taken when preparing gluten-free items (covered surfaces, glove changes); however, because GF items are prepared/cooked in the same area as gluten containing foods the possibility exists for cross-contamination.

New Gluten-Free Items Available Now

For those with gluten sensitivities eating out can be difficult. Rosalini’s new owner/head chef, Greg, understands the dilemma. So he’s made it his mission to create new  gluten-free menu items for our customers.

Come in today and order up your favorite pizza on our handmade gluten-free crust. Greg searched high and low, experimenting with a range of different flours, before finding the perfect ingredients to produce this new crust. Seriously, even our random taste-testers said they couldn’t distinguish a difference.

Not interested in pizza? We’ve still got your covered with gluten-free pasta options. Choose from a penne or spaghetti dish.

Greg is still working to perfect our gluten-free sub rolls so you’ll have to check back in the future for those.


*Additionally charges apply to all gluten-free menu items

**Gluten-free items are prepared/cooked in the same area as other gluten containing foods; therefore, the possibility exists for cross-contamination.