What’s in your pizza? sub?

What makes Rosalini’s pizzas and subs better than our competitors?

  • We use only 100% mozzarella cheese on our pizzas, not a combination of cheeses. We only purchase fresh cheese with no added starch. Our mozzarella is made with real buffalo milk for an extra creamy taste.
  • All of our pizza dough is made from scratch in the store.
  • Every sub roll is made from scratch in the store.
  • Our pizza sauce is fresh made with chunks of real tomatoes and the perfect blend of spices.
  • We offer more than 30 toppings for your pizza, from kalamata olives to sun-dried tomatoes. Our sausage is made from real sweet, Italian sausage and our ground beef is seasoned and cooked in store. Our mushrooms, peppers and onions are fresh and sliced in store.
  • We buy whole, raw chicken wings which we then cut, season and bake.
  • We respect our customers and understand the need for gluten-free* options. Our gluten-free pizza crusts are fresh and made to order so you get a tender, delicious crust.


At Rosalini’s we’ll NEVER:

  • Serve any foods with MSG or Soy
  • Use dough that was made in a plant somewhere and shipped frozen
  • Skimp on our ingredients by buying pre-made sausage or ground beef crumbles or canned mushrooms
  • Sell pre-made, gluten-free crust that tastes like cardboard.
  • Trade fresh for cheap

Hungry yet? We’ll fix that!


*All of our pizzas and subs are cooked in the same oven; therefore, while we do our best to separate gluten-free products, there is a possibility for cross-contamination between gluten-containing and gluten-free products.