Gluten-Free Menu

We appreciate all of our customers and try to accommodate those on a Gluten-Free (GF) restrictive diet.

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of the ingredients to make these items, we have to pass the costs on to the customer. We make every effort to prepare these items in a dedicated area of our kitchen, with dedicated equipment and have procedures in place to try and prevent cross-contamination from gluten-containing products, but a small possibility of cross-contamination does exist.


All traditional pizzas can be made into GF. We offer the best GF pizza in the area with a freshly prepared crust, made to order in any size we offer. It is topped with our own pizza sauce and the highest quality mozzarella cheese and any of our over 30 toppings you want.

Small — +$1
Medium — +$2
Large — +$3
Extra Large — +$4


All subs can be made on Imagine That Gluten Free (ITGF) baguettes. Due to the high cost of them the prices are:

6” — +$2
12” — +$4

Chicken sandwiches are NOT GF, unless made with our grilled chicken strips.
Meatballs contain bread crumbs.
Shrimp are not GF.
Our chicken wrap is not available on a GF wrap.


We can make all lasagna, penne, mannicotti and spaghetti dishes with gluten free pasta. $1 additional charge for GF pasta dishes.


All salads are GF, if you ask us to omit the croutons.

Other GF Items

French fries, chips, sausage links, chicken wings


We do offer a GF chocolate torte, that is delicious if you are on a GF diet or not.