Back-to-School Dinner Solutions

The kids headed back-to-school which means homework, added commitments and a readjusted schedule. Now the weekend is just beginning, but maybe you’re all a little tired and hungry. What better way to unwind, reconnect and reward everyone for a successful week, then to go out for dinner as a family.

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Let us here at Rosalini’s Pizza & Subs put dinner on the table tonight. Stop in and let us serve you a couple of hot, made-to-order extra large pizzas. And don’t worry about the dishes, we’ll take care of those, too.

Or maybe you’d rather slip into your pj’s, pick out your favorite family movie and eat dinner at home. We’ve got you covered there, too. Call in your order (or order online)  and we’ll deliver within a 10 mile radius.

Trying to stick to a budget? Try one of our current  Family Meal Deals.

family meal dealAnd don’t forget Rosalini’s now offers Gluten-Free made-from-scratch pizza (in all sizes), GF sub rolls, GF pastas and GF desserts so if someone in your family has a gluten dietary restriction we’ve got lots of choices for them to pick from.


Looking for some new ways to break up the week? Coming soon Wednesday Family Game Nights



All offers, promotions, and discounts are subject to change, substitution or cancellation  without prior notice. 

Family Game Night is coming to Rosalini’s

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In this age of busyness and electronic devices, we can lose sight of the benefits of simple pleasures and shared time together. While it’s fun to chase down Pokemon with your cell phone, playing games as a family helps members to reconnect with each other.

Whether it’s a fast round of Uno Flash or a brain-teasing game of Scattergories, playing games together is sure to  incite some laughs and lasting memories.

As a family owned and operated business, we here at Rosalini’s Pizza & Subs value your family. And we want to become your favorite family-friendly place to dine so we are introducing Family Game Night every Wednesday (starting Wed., August 31st).

Forget fixing dinner and the clean-up chores, on Wednesday nights let us serve you up some fresh hot made-to-order pizzas, crisp green salad and juicy chicken wings or try one of our toasty subs or savory pasta dishes while you enjoy playing one of our games.

And to make dining-out easier on your budget, choose from one of our Family Meal Deals and be sure to take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards by becoming a  Rewards Member.


DETAILS: Family Game Night is a free weekly event and all dine-in patrons are welcome to participate. Games are distributed on a first come, first served basis. In order to help customers remember to return all game parts, Rosalini’s staff will accept keys as collateral while you’re playing.


You must love your food!

When Rosalini’s chef/owner, Greg, was in cooking school, he learned the most important lesson of all when it comes to making great meals. Chef Papini routinely taught his students that the most important thing about cooking was,

“You must love your food!”

Our family’s love of good food comes through in every meal we serve. From our fresh made bread and hand-rolled meatballs to our wholesome pizza toppings, it’s all about the love we put into the food we create.

That love of food means we avoid ingredients with fillers like textured vegetable protein or cellulose powder, flavor enhancers like MSG and artificial sweeteners like HFCS.

Our standards are higher at Rosalini’s because we feed your family like it is our family.

Come in today and taste the difference love makes.

Hungry yet? We’ll fix that!

How do we handle the competition?

A customer asked if the big name, chain, pizza shop down the road was much competition for Rosalini’s.

My answer was, “No.”

If you want a $5 pizza, you go there. If you want a delicious pizza made by hand in store with wholesome ingredients, you come here to Rosalini’s. Besides that, we have the best gluten-free crust in the area which comes in any size and topped just the way you like it.

Sure, Rosalini’s could try to compete with the big guys to see how far down the quality scale we can go to give you a cheap meal, but we don’t cheap out on feeding our family.

We strive to treat our customers like they’re family and we’ve always treated our family and friends to great meals.

Hungry yet? We’ll fix that!